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9 Sep

He Who Holds the Most QUALITY Content, WINS

I was on assignment in NYC for a prestigious beverage company and an EVP of one of the 50 brands was telling me about their social media. At the time, they were excited to have half a million followers (they’re now well into the millions), but he hadn’t realized that followers don’t matter as much as content.

I asked him how he knew that.

He said that a lead digital consultant for the entire conglomerate got all the VP’s and Directors in one room and asked each individual what they’re follower count was. This contact of mine mentioned that he was one of several in the room that had raised their hand and blurted out their numbers proudly.

The digital consultant then asked, “And what are you doing with your half a million followers?”


Seriously, imagine powerful, smart corporate heads completely silent.

What this EVP learned was that we live in an age of relationships fueled by interactive experiences.

And how do we have interactive experiences? By providing ongoing, relevant content that really matters to your core target audiences.

Why Is Content That Important?

Here’s the deal with content in 4 simple thoughts.

  1. Google is sick and tired of irrelevant content making it’s way to the top of search engines. Hence, they updated their algorithms for sites and brands that actually produce content that matters. Don’t ask me how. It’s Google.
  2. Scaling your online customers/users is about building a community. Building a community is about implementing content that sparks conversations with your core target audiences. Sparking conversations with your core target audiences is about gaining feedback from them. Gaining feedback is how you pivot your product and services quickly for scale. Do this for your well-built community and this leads to more sales!! It’s not rocket science.
  3. Quality content builds true SEO. If a brand consistently creates content around specific topics and products within their industry (preferably ones they specialize in), they will become an authority. Why? Well, for starters their content will be indexed throughout the Internet ecosphere over and over again. Second, because their consistency gains repeat visitors. Third, because they show dedication to their industry.
  4. Content keeps you cutting edge. If you just put up a website and social media and let it sit there, you’ve done nothing to show me your participation in the market – regional, national or international. Your participation helps me understand what I need to know about your industry and why I need what you have to offer. If I buy from you, it’s because I have gained trust in you for knowing so much.

For the C-Level Exec, Let’s Talk Bottom Line:

Quality content builds:

  1. Quality followers that will grow and expand your user database. (Market Share)
  2. More brand awareness and brand loyalty. (Repeat Purchases)
  3. Authority, credibility and COMMUNITY. (Market Leader)
  4. Relationships. (Customer Relationship Management or CRM)
  5. Better products from user feedback. (Increased Quality & Design)
  6. Reasons to purchase from you. (Gross Sales & ROI)

Does this clear the air on why content is so important?

While it’s important to be thinking about content, it’s also important to leverage current resources. There are tons of articles and books out there on the importance of content, as well as the steps to successful completion strategy and execution. Here are 3 must-have resources.

3 Must-Have Content Resources:

#1 BOOK: Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halverson – This is by far one of the best books for Content, period. She’s an expert and clearly defines all the stakeholders involved, the business value of content, what can be achieved, and much more. Oh, and companies who thought they had content down, this book will ensure you really do a double take. There are whole departments at companies dedicated to content. The brands that know how much they earn by dedicating resources and budgets.

#2 WEBSITE: Copyblogger – These guys get it. Copyblogger is a site solely dedicated to all things content. See, their niche is content and they became the leading authority within their industry by dedicating content about content. Best practices in headlines, sub-titles, taglines, content length, tone, messaging, and the list goes on. In the words of Copyblogger: “We’ve been teaching people how to create killer online content. Not bland corporate crap created to fill up a company webpage. Valuable information that attracts, drives traffic, and builds your business.

#3 COMMUNITY: Advanced Content Marketing Guide by Neil Patel & Kathryn Aragon – This is all about “how to start building a community of fans and followers, to increase engagement and traffic to your website, and to drive sales with content marketing.

A Parting Thought From Steve Jobs:

The best people are the ones that understand content. They’re a pain in the butt to manage, but you put up with it because they are so good.

– Steve Jobs

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Photo Credit: Image in Header Graphic courtesy of Jeff Sheldon (Ugmonk.com) via Unsplash.com

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