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13 Oct

Ep. 153 – Nicole Myden – Founder of the PR Concierge & PRpose Events

“So yeah, is it scary to take leaps? Yes. Is it scary to become truthful to yourself and look yourself in the mirror, in the eyes and say you are deserving of feeling freedom and joy, and you don’t have to sit in this system every day, or you don’t have to live here because everyone’s telling you you need to, or you don’t have to be with this person. Whatever the case for you individually that’s reflective to your journey, keep showing the universe that you are fearless and that you are willing to make leaps, because what I have gotten in return from this God above, and from this universe, is just nothing short of magic.”

Nicole Myden – Founder of the PR Concierge & PRpose Events; Changing landscape of PR; Making tough life decisions; Living more intentionally; Not being afraid to pivot; Taking a leap of faith.

Segment 1: (Length :04:00) – General Updates; Introduction to Nicole Myden; Getting into Public Relations; The changing landscape of the PR industry; Starting her own company in her 20’s; Making tough life changing decisions.

Nicole’s finer points:

  1. Serendipitously getting into Public Relations
  2. Learning her way through the entertainment industry
  3. Moving into lifestyle brands that resonated with her
  4. Deciding to go into business for herself
  5. Making tough life changing decisions
  6. Changing the status quo of what 35 should look like
  7. Work on living your best life

Segment 2: (Length :08:00) – Talking with Nicole; Dealing with loss; Having more self-awareness; Bringing intention and purpose with your work; Not being afraid to pivot.

Nicole’s finer points:

  1. Dealing with loss
  2. Establishing more self-awareness
  3. Living more intentionally and figuring out what works for you
  4. Having more intention and purpose with your work
  5. How we show up is how we will leave our legacy
  6. Not being afraid to pivot your business

And why I think I'm having the most fun right now in the journey is because I do have something that I'm good at, and I have something that I love to do, but I'm actually finding another way to stretch it even further and allow myself now to reach more people in a very intentional, purpose-driven way where I can still work with them in an intimate setting, but teach them also a lot of the fundamentals about what I do so that they also feel that they can be part of it.

Segment 3: (Length :10:00) – Actionable advice for the PR industry; Working your way up; Being humble; Not chasing money; Taking a leap of faith.

Nicole’s finer points: 

  1. What do you really want with your career or life’s work and why?
  2. Advice to entrepreneurs and those getting into entertainment and PR
  3. Understanding what PR really needs to accomplish for it’s clients
  4. Working your way up through learning and executing
  5. Less entitlement, more humbleness and learning.
  6. Don’t chase the money. It’s already there.
  7. Taking the leap and finding ultimate freedom

It doesn't have to happen overnight and it's not something that needs to happen by a certain time, but that to me is the root of becoming whole. And when you hit that mark, I believe you can then offer yourself to somebody as a life partner, you can do better work in the community, you can serve people more, you can do better work, and everything just becomes very clear. So I would say to any entrepreneur starting out, focus on connecting heart to mind. All the other puzzle pieces fall into place. God is always gonna lead you where you need to be.

“Segment 4(Length :03:00) – Hustler Thought of the Day:

The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart. – Sioux Legend


Nicole Myden – Founder of the PR Concierge & PRpose Events

Nicole Myden is the ultimate connector, businesswoman, entrepreneur and natural born concierge.

She’s a 17-year public relations and marketing veteran who launched the PR Concierge in 2017.

Frustrated by the lack of attention she’s witnessed many clients experience from large agencies over the years, as well as the need for a better understanding of the powers PR does for people, Nicole set out to offer something unique to a very saturated industry . . . solution oriented and simplified communications that expands a brand to seriously aligned audiences; services which also mirror exactly how she lives all aspects of her life . . . with intentional movements and alignment that generates results.

It’s in Nicole’s DNA to help others get the exact right people and opportunities to generate media moments and buzz for themselves and their brands.

This is Nicole’s second time around creating a company that she strategically positioned it as a no-nonsense, purpose driven business that hand selects it’s clients based on their understanding of who they are and where they want to go. This positions her for next level brand work that gets recognition by the masses.

Nicole believes relationships are key to driving growth and creating strategic, results-oriented campaigns. Many of which have seen their businesses, brands and influence skyrocket.

Here’s how her rap sheet looks:

  • Got her start during an internship at the Cannes Film festival in 200
  • Interned w/Teen People which led to interviews with NSYNC, Usher, The Cast of That 70s’s Show and more.
  • Worked at BWR and managed celebrity talent – Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Alyson Hannigan (American Pie), Kerry Washington, and Kevin Sorbo
  • Did PR for American Idol handling media for Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul & Ryan Seacrest
  • Created her first company and dabbed in movie PR for Sony Pictures Classics and helped launch some key fashion and lifestyle brands such as Merrell Apparel, ALO and Dakine
  • Ran Nicole Myden public relations for 8 years
  • CEO recognition award while at CitySearch at the PR Director
  • Was at the helm of the creation of Young Women’s Division of the Guardians in LA. Became one of the largest charity organizations in LA
  • Other clients include: Good Morning America, The Today Show, Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Inc, Forbes, Good Day LA, MSN, LA Times, NY Times, Vogue, Travel & Leisure, Food and Wine Magazine, People, US Weekly, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Citysearch, FabFitFun, CorePower Yoga, Pure Barre, Aerosoles, Colorescience + PALETA, and Lori Harder

Check out Nicole HERE |  Social for Nicole Instagram


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