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22 Nov

Ep. 124 – Jenn Hudye – Founder of Conscious Copy & Co. – Being Intentional

“If you want to win, show people that you understand their current world and empathize with them, and be compassionate of where they’re coming from. Then together you can lead them to where you know that you can help them with what you can help them with.”

Jenn Hudye – Founder of Conscious Copy & Co.; Being intentional with your brand and audience; Transparency wins; Being whole; Dealing with growth.

Segment 1: (Length :04:00) – General Updates; Introduction to Jenn Hudye and her journey as an entrepreneur; Knowing her path was different; Coming from a family of entrepreneurs; Moving to a brand new city; Launching her business right out of college.

Jenn’s finer points:

“I grew up in a town of 500 people in Saskatchewan, Canada, where I literally brought a pet buffalo to school for show and tell.”

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Literally, like my dad, I had three older siblings, my cousins, my uncle, I was just surrounded by it, and I knew in my heart that, that was my path.

“I was so clear that I was going to be an entrepreneur, and the reason why is because there are so many possibilities, and my number one value is growth.”

“I truly believe that there is three areas of our life that will make us grow more than any personal development, seminar or course, and that is entrepreneurship, romantic relationships, and having children.'”

“I haven’t had any children, but literally those three areas are going to make us grow like no other experience that we could have here.”

“When I was in high school I graduated and then I decided to move to Arizona. I was from Saskatchewan, Canada moved to Arizona to go to ASU. I literally went from the town of 500 people to stepping my first lecture hall in college, and there being 500 people.”

I just loved that contrast because it got me so out of my comfort zone. I wanted to go to a place where nobody knew who I was, I could just create who I knew that I was without any expectations or labels of what other people expected of me.

“I started off being a Business Law Major, and then realized really quickly that, that was not for me because it pigeonholed me. I transitioned into entrepreneurship, where it just felt like, “Oh, I have so much variety,” and that’s one of my other main values is that variety of life.”

“When I was really young, my sister and my two cousins and I started a business princess ventures, Princess Ventures Inc. We invested in real estate, and we actually, when I was 18 years old we sold it for seven figures.”

“That was my first experience as an entrepreneur, and I had a really cool, unique experience that I totally owned and rocked before, I was like, “Oh, it kind of felt weird and different,” but my dad is the epitome of an entrepreneur.”

“I remember being eight years old and I’d just be like watching TV upstairs and he’ll be like, ‘Jennifer, come downstairs and come to my office.’ I’d sit down across from him and he’d be on like a sales call with a client or he’d be like, ‘I have this really big decision that I need to make in my business, what would you do?'”

He started to really get me thinking about the big decisions that need to happen being an entrepreneur, and really it just started being ingrained inside of me

“I started listening to Brian Tracy’s Psychology of Achievement when I was 13 years old. Every single year my dad would get us, all my siblings and I, to listen to it on our way to Colorado, so I started falling in love with personal development.”

“When I was in college, I knew my number one goal was to start a business in college and be able to step, like once I graduated, do that business full-time and know that I was fully sustained.”

“The truth is, the one reason is because I wanted to prove it to myself, but a deeper reason was I grew up with a family full of bulls in the pen. Bulls in the pen, meaning I grew up in a family of badasses, and I created, like all of my motivation came really internally from me, of like, “I need to prove to myself that I can do this and that I can do this on my own.”

I need to prove that if I put all of my chips in on myself that I can really do this. That's why I moved to a city where no one knew me, that's where why I put myself completely out of my comfort zone, was to really prove to myself that I could do this gig.

“I was like, “If I don’t start a business in college I may have to go back to Canada,” and back to the small town, and also tell my family like, “I guess I can’t do it.” I was like, “That’s not an option for me, not an option for me.”

“I was two years into college and I was like, “I am not really learning anything,” even being an Entrepreneurship Major, that I feel confident enough to fully start a business on my own. They were talking really high-level stuff, I’m like, “Well, where do I just start?”

“I got an internship with an entrepreneur in the Valley here, and his name is Greg Head and then Harvey Mackay. Harvey Mackay’s the author of Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive, and they just took me under their wing and Harvey would go and speak at a lot of these massive events including Brendon Burchard’s events.”

“I remember EA Sports, Ebay Motors came through. I remember like all right, take the landing page down, like let’s go full force at this and we built out the M.V.P. started selling it and we sold it. We’ve got 20 customers using the platform now.”

“I went all-in and I started a business when I was in college, specifically in the fitness space. I just fell in love with online marketing, with business, with course creation, and when I graduated I was able to fully self-sustain myself and continue growing my business.”

“Three months into … I had that business for about a year and a half, and three months after I graduated I was like, “I really don’t like this.”

“I was like, “Shit,” and I was like, “What do I do?” I took an assessment of my current business, because for me I was like, “I don’t want to be known as like the go-to fitness gal.”

“I love the marketing aspect of it. I love the copywriting aspect of it. that’s why I was getting success with my fitness business, was because I learned how to actually market and sell my products. In that shift of the discovery phase, as the universe always has it, it started like handing me little nudges and opportunities and possibilities to be like, “Okay, what about this?”

“I started having other coaches reaching out to me and being like, “Can you help me set up my campaigns?”

“People started paying me to help them set up their campaigns. I just rolled with it and for a couple of months I was like in this limbo of nobody really knew what I was doing, they’re like, “Are you still doing fitness?” But like, I’m not really sure, and then I fully made the leap to step into my copywriting business full-time.”

“For those of you who aren’t totally familiar, copywriting, the best way is simply words that sell, it’s the words that persuade and motivate people to buy. I stepped into that full-time and that led me to just following that path and getting really lucky along the way, hustling along the way.

Segment 2: (Length :08:00) – Talking with Jenn; The birth of Conscious Copy; Transparency in your brand’s message; Being intentional with your audience.

Jenn’s finer points:

“My definition of Conscious Copy is written words that sell with authenticity and integrity.”

“It’s been the coolest thing because, we talked a little bit about this ahead of time, which is something I’ve realized along my journey, is how important our brand name actually is for multiple reasons.”

The first one, and that's why I'm so passionate about copy, because I believe good copy attracts in the right people that you really want, that really align with you, and repels the people that you don't want on autopilot.

“Someone can instantly look at a name and either they’re drawn to it or they’re repelled from it, and that is good. You do not want everyone to be attracted to your message because then that means it’s like vanilla, and then now you have to personally sift and sort through it.”

“I realized the power of the name Conscious Copy really recently, it’s been trickling, but specifically I sponsored an event a couple of months ago in Vegas and we had our banners up at our table, and I started noticing a consistency were like only our … literally the people that totally resonated with us were coming up to the booth.”

“We had the name on the banner and then we had a one-liner about who we help, how do we help them, and the transformation that we help people with when it comes to their businesses, and people showed up and they were pre-positioned and pre-motivated to be like, “Oh, Conscious Copy, like that just speaks to me and I don’t know why, like it just feels so good.”

“The people who really don’t give a shit about making sure that their message is coming from a place of truth and authenticity and transparency were repelled by it.”

“the online marketing world as we know it is changing. People’s BS meters are through the roof, like they are attract … like just by seeing a brand and their essence more than ever, if they don’t see that you’re transparent, if they don’t see that you’re authentic they think that you’re full of shit.”

“The consciousness of the entire world is raising, and now more than ever the people who are actually stepping into their truth and owning that shit are the ones that are going to rise.”

“in copy an OG marketer and copywriter, Robert Collier says enter the conversation that’s going on in your prospect’s mind. You, just like what you said, you need to know what are they lying up at night thinking about, because they can’t sleep.”

What are they waking up? What's the first thought that's going on throughout their day? What is that internal dialogue? Something that I joke about ... Okay, this is the real stuff. I serve entrepreneurs and I am an entrepreneur, that's why I think one of the most powerful things we can do is serve a tribe that we really resonate with, because we like to help people who are like us.

“For me, helping other entrepreneurs, because I just understand them, I get them, I’m in their world.”

“Your business can only grow as much as you do.” That’s why everything stems back to us and our psyche, and our world, and a lot of you hearing this probably are like, “Oh, I’ve heard that so many times.” It’s like an old record but it’s true.”

Segment 3: (Length :10:00) – Dealing with growth; Keeping a values system; Knowing your north star and your kryptonite; Caring about our customers authentically; Being whole in ourselves.

Jenn’s finer points: 

“I had like, kind of a mini-explosion happen in my business a couple weeks ago. I called my business coach and I was like, “Uh, this is what happened,” and I was crying, and he is like, “Listen here, Jenn, I’m going to allow you to bitch and moan for the evening, but tomorrow you wake up and you handle this shit.” I’m like, “All right.”

“A big lesson that I’ve been learning this year is getting really clear of what your values are, and not compromising those for what’s coming up in front of you.”

With Hollywood screenwriters when they craft characters for movies, what they do is they create a character diamond. A character diamond is getting really clear of who is this character and how can we humanize them? What is their North Star?

“Meaning what is their gift, and they’re like … with Superman, what is his gift? Then what is their kryptonite, the thing that will completely take them down? Usually … Then there’s two other components of the character diamond, but usually the North Star and the kryptonite are the exact same thing, but they are just two sides, like the two sides of the same coin”

“For me, I know that my North Star is my tunnel vision focus. I can get so focused and so precise, and I know what are my big dominoes that I need to push over to get this shit done, and get there. I can create really, results really, really fast. My kryptonite is that tunnel vision, where sometimes I forget about other parts of my life in the process because I’m so obsessive of this goal.”

“I started ignoring my health. I started ignoring my friendships because I was like, “Sorry, can’t talk, I’m on a 90-day sprint. If you need help from me, maybe send me an e-mail, like I’ll get back to you in 90 days.” I was like, “I’m on a mission,” of course, but with us, like creators and hustlers, and get shit doners, that’s usually our kryptonite.”

Being really aware of that and then having people in our circle, who will lovingly call us out on our shit when we're not showing up, because those people are the people who really matter on the whole journey.

“What I found in marketing and business and life, is meeting people exactly where they’re at, getting to know them, their world, their heart, and really showing them that you give a shit about them.”

“If you want to win, show people that you understand their current world and empathize with them, and be compassionate of where they’re coming from. Then together you can lead them to where you know that you can help them with what you can help them with.”

“Segment 4(Length :03:00) – Hustler Thought of the Day:

People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. - Harvey Mackay


Jenn Hudye – Founder Conscious Copy & Co.

Founder of Conscious Copy & Co, the go to copywriting agency for the top coaches, experts, and thought leaders in the online business & personal development space.

Jennifer & her team have written the copy for 6 and 7-figure campaigns and take the approach that “the truth sells”.

The top information marketers and influencers in the world, including: Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi, Eben Pagan Training, Bulletproof Coffee, Bedros Keuilian, Sally Hogshead, Team Johnson and many others, hire(d) Conscious Copy & Co. to help them build out their strategy and craft results-driven copy that converts cold leads into raving fans.

Jennifer has also spoken on stages alongside Lewis Howes, Russell Brunson, and many others. Many refer to Jennifer as the modern day muse for entrepreneurial leaders, helping them get clear of the message that they need to amplify out into the world.

She has a bachelor of science from ASU in Business Management (Entrepreneurship.

Check out Jenn’s site HERE |  Social for Jenn: Instagram | Twitter

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