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16 Apr

Stacy Matuson – Creator, Poker Player & Entrepreneur

Creating gives me joy. Creating allows a person to feel their potential, and in my opinion it’s the most fun part of business although I do also enjoy negotiating as well.

Creator Profile:

Stacy Matuson + Mizrachi Academy

Creator: Stacy Matuson (IG: @stacyacy; Twitter: @stacyacey)

Company: Co-Founder at Mizrachi Academy and WSOP Poker Player (Twitter: @mizrachiacademy | IG: @wsop_dealer_academy | Mizrachi Academy (now WSOP Dealer Academy on Facebook)

Location: Miami, Florida


Words of Wisdom “Also, you have to learn from past errors, surround yourself with people who inspire you to be the best version of yourself and humble yourself to learn from the greats who have gotten to levels you seek.”


te·nac·i·ty: /təˈnasədē/ – the quality or fact of being very determined; determination; the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence.

To say Stacy Matuson is tenacious would be an understatement. This woman has so much fire and determination that nothing will keep her from accomplishing her dreams no matter how much time it takes . . . and it hasn’t

It was January 2015, and HDFMagazine.com was barely public. In fact, our Instagram had roughly 500 followers and our email signup was barren.

But, it didn’t matter. Our mission was strong, our vision was clear and our creators were being featured.

In walks Stacy Matuson.

“You’re so on point. I just subscribed. How can I help?”

So, I checked out her account, and as it turns out, she too has an interesting story.

A fierce entrepreneur, Stacy’s path had a few twists and turns on her way to developing a disruptive company in the poker world. Not to mention, she herself became a recognized player amongst what was once a male-dominated game.


They nicknamed me the Ninja because I would trap players and become deadly. I fell in love with the game and the challenge that it’s a game that you could never fully master.

And my favorite part besides always being a student of the game and learning (it’s rare that you will be in the exact game or situation often), is the freedom . The ability to learn about human nature and to study players and myself.

Well, she not only learned about herself and other people, she actually also stumbled upon a niche . . . a market need for more poker player dealers.

And while some people may think this market is small, she’ll remind you that the World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament alone (held every Summer) draws about 1,400 dealers during that small window.

Here enters Mizrachi Dealer Academy. Co-Founded with her long-time friends and fellow poker “phenoms”, Robert Mizrachi and Michael Mizrachi, the company built such a reputation, that it also recently struck a deal with WSOP. How’s that for seeing something others couldn’t?

Poker is just fascinating! Being part of this business was something I would never have imagined for myself given my goal out of college was to run a Fortune 500, but I am creating this unique path, teaching what I love, playing what I love and giving my 100% effort to push this industry forward in my own way.

I want to make a difference in this business somehow and to be remembered as such.

What I like about Stacy, other than her insane enthusiasm to go after her dreams and create her own reality, is that she proves a very viable point. Entrepreneurship and creativity can happen in some of the least likely of places, but just as important as anywhere else you see a need to solve a problem.

While we’ve been keeping an eye on Stacy for awhile, I finally caught up with her and we discussed her background, what it takes to be a female poker player in a sport formerly dominated by men, taking several chances before finding one that’s truly right, hustling your way through the ranks of an industry, inking a deal with WSOP, the future of her industry and more.

Here’s what she had to say:

Stacy Matuson  |  Poker Player + Entrepreneur + Creator

HDF: Stacy!!! Thanks for doing this! This has been like a year in the making or so.

Stacy: Well, it’s an honor to tell my story to H&DF. You are the media company I wholeheartedly respect and find is so on point. You guys “get it”. And your mission is one that is needed in this entrepreneurial age


HDF: Wow!! Honored Stacy! That means a lot to us! Truly!

Before we get into company, Mizrachi Academy and all the great stuff that’s about to happen, can we start by diving in a little bit more about where you’re originally from and where you’re living now?

StacyWell I was born in Manahattan, N.Y., but I grew up in Miami, Fl since the age of 4.

My parents had divorced and it was actually a great place to grow up. Shortly after the move to Florida, I never saw my birth mother again.

Stacy Matuson with her family

My father took over and he had remarried. They took me in and raised me into the person I am now. Back then I was like a black sheep, it was rare that someone’s Mom would just abandon ship. No one I knew of my age had a family history like me, even though now 40 years later it’s way more common.

The reason that was so pertinent to this story is I actually met my birth mother on a poker table I was dealing – story in itself. But back to where I lived . . .


HDF:  Isn’t there always a story in itself. (laughter)

Stacy: Absolutely! So, after attending college in Tampa for four years, I moved to Coconut Grove, Fl.

I moved to Hallandale then Fort Lauderdale where I reside now.

The beaches are great and the weather is warm but I’ve found if you’re an entrepreneur Florida isn’t really where you want to be. A lot of chill factor and retirees. South Miami has good energy but mostly for fashion and art, not technology.

Ocean Drive – Miami, Florida | Photo Courtesy of  TheCultureTrip.com

My next move is L.A prob sometime in the next 6-10 months.

Florida is a bit stale when it comes to being surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs and I found California intoxicating every time I go, so I know it’s the right place for me to be.

The energy and vibe there is unmatched. Feels right for me and it’s got everything, including Vegas only a short drive away.


HDF: I can understand that. Sometimes you just want to be surrounded by people who are more likely to understand what you’re building and doing. (laughter). And Los Angeles is one of the first places I recommend.

So, Mizrachi Academy is awesome!! You were telling me about it awhile back and I had the chance to take a look at it a bit further. Game changer for sure.

Before we get into that, can you tell me a little bit more about your backstory and what you were doing before being a world series of poker player and entrepreneur?

Stacy: Well before I ventured into the poker world at the age of 24, I had graduated college and took an advertising job.

Uninspired and watching the clock , I was bored as hell working a 9-5.

HDF: (laughter) Right!! We hear that a lot from creators and entrepreneurs.

Stacy: I was living in Coconut Grove at the time and it was a very eclectic cool place to live. Mostly artists and musicians.

I wanted to start my own business helping local artists get their work shown , maybe even discovered and also make a career so I could support myself.

Stacy Matuson  |  Miami Art District

I’ve always known I wanted to start my own business and live my life creating my own path, and so I did.

I got all the necessary permits because it was in a highly regulated area; lots of red tape to have a commercial business. I did all my research during lunch breaks and at night before I finally got my permits. I quit my 9-5 the same day I got them.


HDF: You were on a mission! (laughter). Tell me more about the business.

Stacy: Well, with not a lot of money I decided to open a kiosk. They were great and beautiful attractions – Huge hand carved wood carts with huge wheels (nothing like the cement blocks you see in malls now), and there were only a certain amount allowed outside in certain areas.

So, I hustled my way through permits to be one of them. (Store fronts were about 5k a month back then which I didn’t have ). I decided I would make my art business a combination of small prints, handmade painted jewelry and purses. I put an add in New Times to find artists and the phone rang plenty.


HDF: How did you know what products and prints to choose?

Stacy: Well, the deal was to pick really good local artists, have them put their work on consignment, and at a price that they set but was affordable. Essentially, they would get 60% of the sale.

Once i found all my artists, I sketched by myself, all 400 gift bags with my logo on it. I wanted it to have such a unique flair, everything authentic.



HDF: I think that’s the part people sometimes forget . . . the details, the authenticity, the craftsmanship. Those things are so important. What was the name of your company?

StacyThis is Art, Inc. It was a place you could find a one of a kind type of gift for someone.

After the first week I was out there, business was busier than I expected, but then something brutal happened.


HDF: What??!!

Stacy: Hurricane Andrew swept into Florida!! It not only devastated Florida homes – my parents roof collapsed, my car had a 10 foot tree sticking out of it, boats and landscapes were a mess and more – but it also destroyed my kiosk and all the art!

It was really devastating to me at the time, but I was truly grateful everyone I cared about was ok. That’s most important!

Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

HDF: Then what happened?

Stacy: There was no electricity for weeks and even though I had spent weeks and weeks on this, I knew Coconut Grove would take a good year to rebuild. So, I had to take a waitressing job for a short time until I figured my next move.

About 8 months later, my best friend Tammy had informed me that the casino Seminole was opening up the first poker room and we should train to become poker dealers. Having nobody in my family that gambled really, I had no clue what that was. I had never even been in a casino.

Knowing it might be interesting and fun , I purchased the training with her and we became poker dealers dealing quarter poker in the casino.

In Florida at the time pots could not exceed $10, mostly due to the Florida Bible Belt thinking > gambling brought drugs and prostitution.


Stacy Matuson  |  Poker Player & Entrepreneur

HDF: So you made some moves fast. I think people look at us entrepreneurs and think,

“Oh, that’s random. Why are you doing that?”

But what they don’t get is you have to iterate fast. You have to take chances with new things and see where it leads you to. I had to throw that out there for the readers because there are so many people who misinterpret entrepreneurs as lost individuals or something (laughter).

So you got pretty good, huh?

Stacy: I learned to deal fast and have great customer relationships that I quickly became in a group of the elite dealers there.

Making about 800 a week 20 years ago at quarter poker was huge. After a year I wanted to move up, so I started dealing on small casino ships because there they could go 3 miles out in the ocean and play for larger stakes.

For the next couple of years I had experienced dealing private games where the stakes were even higher and I started to learn my street smarts.

HDF: I think inevitably that’s the cost of going further into your craft. You pick up the street smarts so you can really get good at what you’re doing.

Stacy: Well, I had been sheltered and here I was dealing to extremely wealthy people, and even mobsters.

I learned a lot during those years about people and people reading skills. I would deal poker from 7pm to 11am the next day and sometimes for 3 days straight.

I would sleep all day and be up all night. That lifestyle got old after a few years and so I was asked to deal on a huge casino ship and I obliged.

Within 6 months I became the assistant poker room manager and organized all the games on the ship and ran poker tournaments.


HDF: Boom! Rise in the ranks as you hustled your ass off in your industry.

So, how did you get into playing poker and how long have you been playing

StacyI was never happy being stagnant. I always needed a challenge in my career and responsibility.

During this time I was also playing poker, not very well. I was an aggressive player that always put players to the test and would either win big money or lose big. It was at this time I met Robert and Michael Mizrachi. We became good friends.

Stacy Matuson | Robert Mizrachi | Michael Mizrachi

They were just starting to play higher stakes poker too. From those years to now we have become family. They are like the brothers I never had. We all became part of a crew that is so solid up until this day. We trust each other, and we look out for each other fully.


HDF: Was there one of those “aha” moments in your life where you knew at some point this is what you’re going to do with your life and that you’d ultimately make a company out of it?

StacyWell, I started teaching part time at a dealer school shortly after to help train new dealers with a great friend of mine Alan. Mostly to hang out with him, but my tough love teaching style was appealing to the students, so they started to request if I would teach them in addition to outside the school and pay me double.

I did and I enjoyed the rewards of teaching, becoming a sort of mentor to the students.

I was also playing poker all this time. Between hanging out with Mike and Rob, who were becoming really good at poker, and dating a pro, I changed my whole poker game from a gambling “fish” (term we use for wild poker players) to a one of smart play and improvement.

Stacy Matuson | Robert Mizrachi | Michael Mizrachi

HDF: So, in other words, you got really good? Like dangerously good?

StacyThey nicknamed me the Ninja because I would trap players and become deadly. I fell in love with the game and the challenge that it’s a game that you could never fully master.

And my favorite part besides always being a student of the game and learning (it’s rare that you will be in the exact game or situation often), is the freedom . The ability to learn about human nature and to study players and myself.


HDF: And the results probably started to show as well?

Stacy: I started to get results in cash games and would play poker tournaments from $200-$1000 buy ins. I’d make final tables and profit constantly. It became addictive to improve my game and learn all the aspects of not just winning but playing my best.

It was and still is a learning experience to avoid getting emotional when things aren’t going your way in poker. From being such an emotional driven person, I had to learn to devoid that aspect to become successful at it.

HDF: Welcome to the same principles of entrepreneurship (laughter). So you were learning, playing poker, making money and the inevitable was coming . . . a company?

Stacy: It’s coming. I played my first main event in the 2005 World Poker Tour playing against about 800 people in Aruba and made the TV table, which consisted of the final 6.

My friends and family were elated. A woman had never won a WPT and it was an opportunity for me to make history.

Unfortunately I didn’t win first place, which paid one million dollars but I did parlay the $100 satellite that I had won into the 5500 buy in and finished 6th for $100,000 dollars.

Stacy Matuson | World Series of Poker (WSOP) Final Table

Stacy Matuson | World Series of Poker (WSOP) Final Table

HDF: Not bad!

StacyWell, I was disappointed at the time because it would have been life changing, but I’m still proud of the fact that -at that time -I was only the fourth woman to ever make a television WPT table. I continued to play professionally and travel with our crew (Mike and Rob and friends) for years.

However, I wasn’t fulfilled doing this full time. It comes with a lot of stress, sitting with a bunch of poker players all day griping and it’s a tough racket to survive in if you don’t win big championships.

When you’re running bad, even if you’re still playing well, you can go broke sometimes and my money was dwindling. I needed something more as far as a satisfying full time career.

HDF: And in walks the idea of doing your own thing?

Stacy: My friend Alan suggested we open up a poker dealing school. I loved the idea. I asked Mike and Rob if they wanted to be part of it.

Along with being my sudo family they had become champions in the poker world winning huge amounts of poker championships and titles. I thought it would be great to represent their name being part of a poker dealer school. And there’s the “Aha moment.”

It was where they got started too. They loved the idea and that’s how Mizrachi Dealer Academy was formed.

Article on Stacy Matuson, Robert & Michael Mizrachi & the Mizrachi Dealer Academy

HDF: I love the fact that you’re both an entrepreneur and a poker player. They’re synonymous with each other. Why poker for you?

Stacy: That’s a great question. I started in this business in my twenties and saw throughout the years so much growth potential and untapped market for creating businesses within it.

I always had the mind I think of an entrepreneur. I started pretty young when blow pops were popular during school. Instead of buying them for myself, I would buy a few bags at the supermarket and sell them for a quarter each to students and friends in my class. I’d eat a few free for myself and make a nice profit. I was 7 years old.

Poker is just fascinating! Being part of this business was something I would never have imagined for myself given my goal out of college was to run a Fortune 500 but I am creating this unique path, teaching what I love, playing what I love and giving my 100% effort to push this industry forward in my own way.

I want to make a difference in this business somehow and to be remembered as such.

Mizrachi Dealer Academy

HDF: The funny thing is, because you’re doing this all for the right reasons, the possibilities of where it will end up are endless.

So, let’s get into it. Mizrachi Academy!! Walk me through what it is and how it came about?

Stacy: So as I mentioned, my friend Alan suggested we open up a poker dealing school.

I spent about 6 months getting all the paperwork approved by the Florida Board of Education and in January 2012 we opened our doors.

It started slow for the first couple of months, as any new business but shortly the calls started coming in. Mostly because a lot of students were huge fans of the guys and they wanted to specifically go to their school.

It was then that Robert and I had discussed that in the future we would have an online program for those not local.

HDF: Another “aha” moment? Always the entrepreneur!

Stacy: Another “aha” moment – To create something new and revolutionary with my own style. I knew this would open up my favorite thing about goals and a career, while doing what I love!!!

Creativity. Problem Solving. PR. Vision.

And I get to spearhead the direction.

Only one thing though, poker dealing didn’t have current online programs and I myself would have to figure out a way to teach such an unusual vocation using only technology versus not hands on.

So we did, then beta tested and the results were successful.

At that point we knew we wanted to become even bigger than the Mizrachi name.

Stacy Matuson | Mizrachi Dealer Academy

HDF: So, given your industry, was it hard to get started in Florida versus a place like Las Vegas where casinos are plenty?

Stacy: Well there’s two ways to look at it.

Yes Florida was behind the times of high stakes and is catching up rather quickly now, but it’s less saturated than Vegas.

The poker dealers make a bit more money in Florida due to the better tipping because it is newer. Vegas poker has been around so many years that mostly regular grinders and pros play in poker rooms there daily and tip according to their preferment and pay rate as a job.

Local Florida players are more excited when they win pots in rooms here because it is newer industry than in Vegas and so they tend to be a tad more generous.

I like that I started here because I have built a solid reputation here from the inception of high stakes poker in Florida.

Mizrachi Dealer Academy

HDF: See, that’s a true entrepreneur right there. You see the opportunity, not the obstacle and it’s worked in your favor.

Since forming Mizrachi Academy, how much growth have you seen and what do you attribute that to the most?


StacyThe growth has kind of exploded in this past year after partnering with the WSOP and joining forces on this endeavor of online training.

HDF: Ah yes! Word on the street is you struck a deal with WSOP (The World Series of Poker). It will now become the official Series’ training school, no?

First, congrats!!! I know how hard you hustle and you deserve it!

Second – How did that all happen (Of what you’re allowed to mention).

StacyWe had been playing the World Series of Poker for about 15 or so years and every summer we attended, the common complaints we saw were about the dealer dissatisfaction or many untrained dealers during those timeframes.

Don’t get me wrong, there are top notch dealers that deal it, but the WSOP needs about 1400 every summer for the series and only about half know how to deal all the games.

HDF: Deal all the games?

Stacy: Yeah, there are now currently about 19 variations other than Texas Hold-em.

I suggested to the guys that perhaps we could create a program for the WSOP that not only helped current dealers, but increased the number of applicants each year so the competition would be fiercer. The quality improved, as did the customer satisfaction, which increased revenues for the WSOP as a whole.

HDF: Smart! You already had a great product, but you found a big channel that needed a problem solved and you were the solution!

World Series of Poker (WSOP)

Stacy: Thank you!! My goal was to revolutionize this career, bring dealing back to respectable croupier status and help bring the inside of this business to a more modern tempo.

This is a huge business, and while the first couple of years our focus is on poker, soon we plan to be training in most casino games.

This is over a billion dollar industry.

I read in BusinessInsider.com that –

“U.S. casinos and the makers of the games found inside had a $240 billion economic impact and employed 1.7 million people in 2013, a study shows.”


That includes $38 billion in local, state and federal taxes the industry said it paid last year in gambling fees, property taxes, income taxes and more. Unlike prior studies, the report included the impact tribal gambling and some legal online gaming has had on the economy.

HDF: And I’m sure WSOP was excited by what you had come up with?

Stacy: Yeah, the WSOP agreed to meet with us and through those meetings, they got excited with the idea as well.

That was a shining moment for me in my life. We signed and we became the Official school for the WSOP – The longest, most successful and well respected organization in our field.

Deal Recently Featured in All In Magazine

HDF: Boom!!! That is awesome Stacy!! That’s just HUGE!

Stacy: Thank you!! Two of the three of our poker programs will be launching by April 15, 2016. This is truly one of the most exciting and fulfilling moments of my career and life!


HDF: Absolutely!! You worked hard and hustled your whole way! So, I have to ask, are there any favorite poker players you admire that have inspired you? If so, who are they and why?

Stacy: Well, I do have mentors in this field and they are Michael and Robert. They are poker geniuses and I respect our conversations and game strategies.

I also have to credit Frank Sinopoli for being the one who was first to change my game to a successful and profitable one and Phil Ivey will also be a sort of hero to me in this game because I love his style. Quiet and stealthy, he is brilliant in his play.

Frank Sinopoli | Courtesy of CardPlayer.com

Phil Ivey | Courtesy of Wikipedia

HDF: Quiet and stealthy. My kind of approach.

Stacy: As far as mentors in life, that would have to be my parents. They never gave up on me and gave me the freedom to pave my own path in life.

It took a while for them to understand why the whole casino and gambling world, but I have won them over with my results and tenacity and their support has been unwavering.

HDF: That’s key. I’ve experienced the same with my family and that support truly means a lot. Especially when you’re different than the general population.

Stacy: They always knew I would do something unusual and be a leader in some form.

As for inspiration – Michael and Rob Mizrachi for their brilliant poker minds, Kevin Taylor for his support during all the struggles and love and belief in me, Frank Sinopoli who I wouldn’t be one half of the poker player without his great advice.

Lastly, Albert Einstein, and currently Elon Musk for being visionaries and changing the world

Elon Musk & Tesla | Courtesy of Wikipedia

HDF: I believe entrepreneurship and poker have a lot of similarities. It’s not necessarily about the hand your dealt, but how you play it.

What similarities have you noticed between poker and building your own company? Or being an entrepreneur for that matter?

Stacy: You’re exactly right. Poker and life are synonymous in many ways.

I have found that understanding the aspects of poker and playing it for more than half my life has enabled me to understand life as well – in the aspect that it comes down to key decision making, people reading skills and understanding human nature, both in the conscious and subconscious.

“That it doesn’t matter what your circumstances are, it’s the force, drive and tenacity within us that will determine our results in business, life or poker.”

You have to want to want it, be present and allow yourself to flow in order to problem solve and create positive outcomes.

To be an entrepreneur through all the struggles it will take to get successful you have to be a different animal just like in poker. You can’t give up or see failure as the time to quit. It’s then where you see what you’re made of.

HDF: So much truth to what you’re saying!

Stacy: Also, you have to learn from past errors, surround yourself with people who inspire you to be the best version of yourself and humble yourself to learn from the greats who have gotten to levels you seek.

There is very little you can control in the cards you are dealt or the conditions you were born into. However, it’s what you do with them or despite them, that matters.

I hope to be an example for any woman that you can stand toe-to-toe with any man in business or poker for that matter, and play with such heart brain. And my brain ;). It’s about challenging yourself to create the life you enjoy. It’s extremely possible but only if you have the strength to endure.

HDF: Well, you’re certainly proving tenacity, endurance and heart.

Stacy: I also heard poker pro, Rafe Furst, say it so eloquently:

There is a difference between a good decision and a good outcome. Not recognizing and honoring this profound truth is the source of much pain and loss.

In poker as in life, one level of understanding builds on the next in a developmental fashion. You can’t understand how to evaluate the strength of your hand until you know what beats what. You can’t learn to read until you know the alphabet.

What ever your ‘leak’ is, that’s what will ultimately be your downfall unless you confront it. Many poker players have a craps leak. Many executives have a substance abuse problem.

Selective aggression is the key to either game. Pick your battles, but be willing to go all-in when you do.

The difference between a great player and a world champion is the absolute confidence it takes to ‘pull the trigger’ on a decision without a millisecond’s thought or hesitation.

In the short run, luck and variance predominate. In the long run, skill and determination win.

But the long run is much longer than you think.

It’s not about you. Be mindful of those around you and you will fare much better than focusing on yourself. Try playing without looking at your hole cards sometime, you might be surprised at the results, and what you learn . . .

While there are so many parallels, and I’ve learned so much from poker that has helped me in life and in business, there is one area where they are diametrically opposed . . . Poker is a zero sum game. Life is not.”

Stacy Matuson

HDF: Stacy, you are a serious creator – in business, industry and life. What’s the best part about “creating” for you?

Stacy: Creating gives me joy. Creating allows a person to feel their potential and in my opinion it’s the most fun part of business although I do also enjoy negotiating as well.

It’s a challenge to have a vision that others see a need for because there has to be that element included for it to flourish and be a winner.

HDF: What’s the best advice you can give someone just starting out on their own to play poker, or be in the WSOP, or the industry as a whole?

Or creating for that matter? Or maybe just pursuing their dreams? (laughter)

Stacy: I would say if you’re a beginner player read the Zen of Poker because the first step in succeeding in poker is mastering yourself before even beginning to master the game.

Also to surround yourself with very good players to bounce strategies and game theory.

As far as entering into the business side – you have to develop a thick skin and understand the casino business deals with all kinds of people; the wealthy, people playing with their rent money and hobby enthusiasts. That it’s a way to make a great living but cash is the prize and you have to learn to deal with all kinds of people when they’re winning and losing.

As far as pursuing your dreams – You should go for it!!! It will always be something that you’re proud of yourself for doing, will fulfill your soul beyond your imagination and will be something in life that you will never regret.

Stacy Matuson | Miami Art District | Fearless

HDF: Well put Stacy! Truly! How important has social media and the Internet played in the building of your brand? Or at least, how important do you think it will be as you continue to grow it?

Stacy: In this day and age, social media is a vital and integral part of building a brand or business.

Fortunate for us, a very respected social media influencer Dan Fleyshman, is part of our team. We believe he will be part of taking us to the next level and we are extremely excited about implementing his ideas.

HDF: You got that right! And we got you too! So, if you could meet any entrepreneur, poker player or cultural icon who contributed to the world (past or present), who would it be and why?

Stacy: There’s no question it would be Albert Einstein. I am a huge science enthusiast.

He shaped our world and understanding of it and continues to long after his death. He also shaped our culture. I don’t think it gets any more inspiring than that.

HDF: I completely agree and that’s a great choice!! Stacy, thank you so much for doing this. Your story is awesome and yet you have so much more coming!

Stacy: I’m so proud and honored that you’re doing this story! I really support HDF and your style. Have so from the beginning!

HDF: Thank you Stacy!! You sure have!


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