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19 May

Ep. 43 – Kirsten Roberts – Entrepreneur – Uncovering Your Inner Genius

Kirsten Roberts – Entrepreneur & Chief Rockstar of Radical Life; Finding where you fit in; Taking action to find your find your passion; Uncovering your inner genius.

Segment 1: (Length :05:00) – General Updates; Introduction to Kirsten Roberts and her journey as an entrepreneur thus far, as well as her background into creating Radical Life; Looking for where she fit in life;

Kirsten’s finer points:

“I had a lot of changes in my career from when I started out I was an auditor with Ernst & Young. Then I went and sold high end ARP systems (IT systems for companies), and I was just always looking for where I fit in life.

“I struggled to find my place. I just felt restless and wanting more. I felt like I was chasing shiny objects because I didn’t know where I was going.”

“I did a couple of Masters’ degrees, which was part of the chasing objects to find my place in life, and in my 2nd Masters’ degree there was a big entrepreneurship focus. It was like the skies parted and the sun shining down.”

“I thought I knew shit going into business. I’ve done a couple of Masters’ degrees, I had been an auditor and a consultant and all this shit, and actually running a business where people have invested the equivalent of their house into this thing, it was a baptism of fire.”

“I learned a lot very quickly and lost a lot of money in the process. So then I got totally scared, my health took a dive and we had a lot of issues with people around us from a health perspective. So I stepped right back from the entrepreneurialism. I got scared and went back to the safety of a paycheck and that’s when I set up a consulting firm.”

In those two years of setting up the consulting firm, I was rubbing against the grain the entire time. It was just at that point where I was like, “Come on! Go! You’ve got to do this. It’s just time to find yourself and do it on your own again because you’re drowning.'”

Segment 2: (Length :07:00) – Talking with Kirsten Roberts; The “spark” that wants people to make a change.

Kirsten’s finer points:

“It’s really more about getting to a point where people ask, ‘Is this all there is?’

“Particularly, the people who I work with who have been in corporate or business for following what they think they should; the safe money; the safe bet; providing for their family; got lots of responsibilities;”

“But ‘they’ do get to a point in their life where they truly say,  – ‘Really, is this all there is? Is someone playing a joke on me that this is all that life is about.’ – So many of them just don’t know their passion.”

“I didn’t understand what my true passion was because we do the things that we’re supposed to do as parents and responsible people of the community and as responsible employees that we lose what our passion is, what our spark is.”

“We often don’t have the trust in ourselves. How can I take a passion and actually turn that into a business. Doesn’t that become a hobby? Isn’t that a side business? How can that possibly be what I do day in and day out? So they get to that point where they say, ‘Holy Fuck, is this all there is.'”

Segment 3: (Length :07:00) – Taking action allows you to find your passion; Uncovering your inner genius

Kirsten’s finer points:

“People don’t step forward until they have their passion in their life. ‘Well, if I don’t have my passion then I  can’t take that step and then I’m not totally connected.’ What I believe is that taking action and taking steps allows you to find your passion.

“You do the work, you try to work through all the mindset beliefs that are stopping you from seeing yourself and your true capabilities, and if your passion is still isn’t coming through, then don’t let that stop you.”

“Just start taking action on what you feel is the closest fear right now cause action creates feedback, which creates more action and then you really get to create outcomes that you’re striving for ultimately.”

For me, it probably took me a year in this business to understand what my true passion was and true purpose was. If I had waited for that to start, I’d still be in that consulting arm talking to people in gray suits.”

“Each of us have such unique abilities. Yet, we think that because they’re so natural to us, we don’t value it. We think everybody can google it and find out how to do it. For me, I have an innate ability to just see a person’s business. They’ve got these ideas and what they want to achieve; what their passions are for their business. I can see the steps to get there.”

“I just assumed that everybody else could see that as well . . . So, what happens with the chicks I work with tend to do what they’re good at or what they’ve always done in their career. It’s just the path they tend to follow.”

“So, it’s really getting them to think more laterally about what they naturally love doing – What is it that you’re really passionate about? What’s your life’s journey contributed to how you view whatever path you’re on? It’s a combination of all of those things.”

“You get into your 40’s and you think you know how life rolls  . . You think you know stuff by the time you get to your 40’s, but then when you realize that what you do everyday can bring you so much joy and so much fulfillment, and that you’re excelling at something that truly connects with your soul, or connects with you personally, then you see life differently.”

“When you create that space to operate, you see opportunities differently, relationships differently and yourself differently. Life just takes on a whole new meaning. Grow more, live more, laugh more and just not be dragged down by life, business and hard work.”

“If you want a business that’s sustainable for the long term and that’s something you’re going to be excited about jumping out of bed for 5 years from now, then it’s gotta come from the soul.”

“If you’re chasing a business for money or you’re looking for a ‘green light’ checklist for what market to go into, that’s wrong. My view is that’s wrong. You’re not going to sustain that for the long term. You’re not going to be truly committed. You’re basically showing up pretending and in a mask because you’re chasing where the bucks are as opposed to doing it for your higher purpose.

Segment 4: (Length :03:00) – Hustler Thought of the Day:

“When you start seeing your worth, you’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t.”

Kirsten’s finer points:

“When you start seeing your true strengths and your true brilliance, and loving yourself and laughing everyday, then you want to be around people who lift you up the same way.


Kirsten Roberts – Entrepreneur – Uncovering Your Inner Genius & Making a Radical Change

  • Kirsten Roberts is the Chief Rockstar at Radical Life, which helps woman build their wildly fulfilling business, learn the art of crazy self-love and live with uproarious laughter every day.
  • Kirsten was named one of Smart Company’s Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs in Australia.
  • She was CEO and co-owner of the franchised food group Spudbar and built a consulting arm for the accounting firm Crowe Horwarth where she signed $7m worth of contracts in the first two years of operation.
  • It is because of Kirsten’s long business history and her quest to find her own radical life that Kirsten is now an inspiration and mentor to woman globally.
  • Kirsten candidly shares her and her family’s journey as they grow in life, follow their dreams and navigate the windy path of 3 children on the autism spectrum.
  • Kirsten’s goal for Radical Life to be the most trusted resource for woman who are ready to quit settling for less than awesome in their business dreams and say “I want more”.


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