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30 Jul

Ep. 113 – Angela Ferrari – Co-Founder of SHIFT & National Recording Artist

“We can plug into anything we want. We think we’re limited. We think we have to be all the things we’ve known and all the things people tell us we can and can’t be, 401K, but you don’t. We have access to anything we want, and SHIFT basically gives access to that.'”

Angela Ferrari – Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of SHIFT, National Recording Artist; Following a feeling; Finding your charisma; Gaining clarity and letting go.


Segment 1: (Length :04:00) – General Updates; Introduction to Angela Ferrari and her journey as an entrepreneur; Following her dreams; Starting SHIFT; Tapping into your charisma.

Angela’s finer points:

I think when we're in this state of flow, some things just pop into our lives and it wasn't like a dream or a goal, it just seemed like everything was aligning, and then there's passion behind it, so it just sort of happened.

“I think when we’re in this state of flow, some things just pop into our lives and it wasn’t like a dream or a goal, it just seemed like everything was aligning, and then there’s passion behind it, so it just sort of happened.”

“That’s really how SHIFT came to be, just by me pursuing singing and wanting to grow and evolve and eventually I developed this formula that I realized was effective for everybody, like, why was it just for me? We put a few people through the test group and it was like 100-proof.'”

I had accomplished some goals performance-wise. When I first started singing, I got a little video camera, put something on YouTube, and that's how I went and promoted myself to these little venues.

“Everybody told me, ‘Oh, it’s going to take so long. You’re never going to play here. You’re never going to do this,’ and I really just didn’t focus on any of those things. I just knew I loved what I was doing, I just kept going.”

“There was a lot of stuff that happened and people started saying, “What did you do to get there?” Then I started creating content. I really like how you guys frame that, like purpose driven content. I love that. That just sums it up.”

“I really obtained a lot of those goals pretty quickly, kind of known in the Valley, played at the best venues, played at the venues I wanted to play at and, at that point, I was considering what’s next.'”

“I’m not known to be comfortable or stop there. I’m not afraid to go, dream really big, and shoot for the stars, so I started pondering that. The access, to me, was I started looking at, was shuffling through a magazine and I saw some of the people that I admired in that magazine and I started becoming curious about their charisma.'”

That's really how I started tapping into that and then I kind of developed, like I said, this formula of SHIFT to tap into any charisma you want. That's how it came to be.

“This is excluding any kind of attachment you might have to external if we’re just focusing on internal and external transformation. If you think about it, when we’re kids, when we’re growing up, instinctively the first things we do when we start playing, whether you’re a girl or a boy, is you dress up to play a character, to get inside of a role, because we know that that’s access for us to obtain a certain feeling.”

“When we’re kids, we’re no longer really playing, it just becomes very real to us. Then as we become adults, we just get clouded and the dos and the don’ts and blah, blah, blah, so we stop playing like that. Suiting up externally helps to give access to a feeling internally that creates transformations on both sides.”

“I identified with something that I wanted, and how did I really tap into that? What was the access to tapping into that? First, it’s the knowing that by me identifying with somebody or seeing somebody and saying, “Oh, I want what they have,” it really isn’t that. It’s me resonating with something that’s essentially in me, but I just haven’t brought out into the world yet.”

“The first thing I thought to do was, ‘I’m going to find a stylist. I have no idea how. Are they here in Scottsdale? Is it just for celebrities?’ I knew nothing about this. Coincidentally, a week later an acquaintance of mine contacts me, like, ‘Let’s catch up and go to lunch.’ Turns out she’s a stylist.”

“Lo and behold. I tell her my idea. I’m like, ‘Look, I want to be styled, but I don’t want you to cookie-cutter style me. These are your dos and your don’ts.’ Remember, I’m a nonconformist, so don’t talk to me like that or else I’ll just run away from that conversation because I don’t resonate with it.”

“I said, ‘I want you to style me energetically. Here’s the energies I’m looking to tap into: Power, beauty, confidence.’ That’s essentially what this charisma is. It’s not how they look, because how many people do you see that are beautiful and you’re like, ‘Okay,’ but you don’t like, ‘Whoa, what is that?'”

“Beautiful people are all over the place, but charisma is something special, something different. She really got what I was saying. I couldn’t have been talking to a more perfect person.”

I went on this journey and I was so uncomfortable because I was so used to what I already know and my comfort zones and what I wear and physically.

“Whether you are somebody who is into your looks or not into your looks, we have comfort zones and how we identify with ourselves, right?”

“It doesn’t matter what spectrum you’re on, we’re attached to our comfort zones, even neurologically, we want those comfort zones. I was so committed to what I was up to, I was willing to just be uncomfortable to see what was on the other side of this.”

“Sure enough, as I just explored – and by the way, some of the things she was picking out would be the things that I would look at before and be like, ‘Oh, my God. Who buys this stuff? Who would ever buy this?'”

“Sure enough, I’m wearing it now. Long story short, my whole world started changing. I know this seems so simple, but it was giving me access to a feeling that I wanted to represent myself with. Suddenly, all these crazy coincidences started happening. I got a new car. I started living in a new place. I was doing this on my own, but it was just because I was identifying with something new, a new feeling.”

We can plug into anything we want. We think we're limited. We think we have to be all the things we've known and all the things people tell us we can and can't be, 401K, but you don't. We have access to anything we want, and SHIFT basically gives access to that. Identify what you want, we'll help you develop that feeling so you can feel it, and then the world starts to match the feeling.

Segment 2: (Length :08:00) – Talking with Angela Ferrari; Gaining clarity and letting go; Giving up the normal to go all in; Passion over going after the money only.

Angela’s finer points:

“I get the “fake it until you make it” and how that could occur as something that’s in alignment with that. I’m not a big fan of those words because, I will tell you that when I did suit up energetically for something, I wasn’t faking that at all. There was nothing fake about it.”

Now, did I have the paycheck yet, and a lot of the things that were eventually going to align with the energy I was exuding? Not yet, but it didn't mean I was faking anything. I was still very, very real inside of who I was and what I felt.

“I think we should be careful with our choice of words because “fake it” does kind of have our brains go, ‘This isn’t real. This isn’t really happening. I’m putting people on here. I’m going to be found out and they’re going to know that I’m a fake.’ That’s not what this is at all. Actually, energetically, like I said, we can tap into anything we want.”

“The thing is, people get caught up on the money, so let’s just talk about that real fast. It’s not the money you want. You don’t want paper. If we’re really thinking about it, we don’t want paper. We want the feeling we believe money will bring us. For me, what is that? I love feeling ease and I love feeling freedom, those two things.”

“Can I access those feelings without the money? Yeah, I can absolutely do that it. It takes focus. It takes some kind of formula, but is it possible? One hundred percent. After that, does the money line up with that? Absolutely.'”

First of all, a lot of people aren't very clear about what they want. They're clear about what they think they want, like, 'I want a lot of money.' Then back to my point, 'Well, why do you want money?'

“Then it has people kind of get inside of that experience of what they want, get on the court versus being in the stands. Get inside of what you really want. We do help people, guide people, through that.'”

“You know what? What you were saying was there is somewhat of a chase. If I have this, then I will be happy. If I have this, then I will be happy. What our whole premise is, what the foundation is of everything, is everything is already perfect right now.”

“We’re not making you better. We’re only creating here. You’re already 100% whole, beautiful, perfect. This journey led you here. Everything’s perfect. If it wasn’t for the errors that you call, or mistakes.”

“You wouldn’t be inside of the certain clarity that you have, you wouldn’t have walked in that door. Everything really, truly is perfect. When we’re kids and we’re playing, we don’t play because something is wrong, we play to create. That’s what it is. If we just do things because we’re creators and it’s fun, and that’s what I feel passionate about, then we’re not going to be lost in this endless chasing the carrot scenario.”

Look, if you're doing it because you feel like, 'If I get here, then I'm going to be happy,' or then, 'If I only get this, then I'm going to be happy.' No, it's the energy that you go after, because you're already going after it with a feeling of something's missing here, something's missing here. Guess what? When you get that, you're going to have a high for like a week, maybe a month at max, and then guess what's going to happen? 'Something's missing here, something's missing here.'

“That’s no way to live for the rest of our lives. We want to be happy right now, we want to be content and 100% right now, and then just go create. That’s what people get tripped up on, I think, the most.”

“The shift, the moment. For me, that happened in pursuing my singing. As a little girl, it was something I always, always loved. It wasn’t very supported. It was like, ‘When is she going to grow out of this hobby and get a real job?’ After hearing that, I guess I sort of thought that that’s what I needed to do, so I did join the corporate world and I was good at it.”

“This was during the time that everybody was like, ‘Hold on to your jobs. The next great depression is coming.’ I was sitting there one day in my apartment. I was alone and I was just so aware of how the light in my eyes was just dimming. It was kind of one quick high to the next, a new outfit, got a new car, got something for, just all these sort of little quick highs that never sustained.”

“It was in that moment, it was just kind of random, but I had a couple of glasses of wine and I decided to book a trip to Bali. I’m going by myself, nobody is coming with me. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I needed like a shock, because I needed to get clarity because I was getting lost in this land of this illusion. I didn’t feel like me anymore.”

I go to Bali, come back, I quit my job and everybody thought I was crazy, my parents especially. There was really no support in that at all, and I was going to sing. That was going to be what I was going to do.

“It was so hard because after tasting financial success and then starting from the bottom financially again, that was challenging. I will tell you this: The love that I had for what I was doing superseded that discomfort of finances by tenfold. There was no moment, zero moments, that I thought, ‘What have I done?'”

“I was like, “Oh, my God. I don’t care what it takes. I love this so much.” My heart was singing by just being able to do what I loved. I was free. That was freedom to me, even though financially I had a ways to go. Eventually, that caught up. I think the moment for me was just self-awareness.”

I think we all have these voices inside of us that tell us whether or not we're in mundane activity, and we know when we're lit up and when we're not. It's a matter of taking that leap sometimes. It's never, ever, ever not going to be scary. If you're waiting for the moment, for it to not be scary as shit, you're going to die being comfortable.

“Forever in a life of an entrepreneur. Forever you experience discomfort. In fact, the more you’re aware, the more change happens rapidly. All the time you have to let things go, constantly. New things come in, old things go out. You can’t attach. It just continues to teach you. That’s how it was for me.”

Segment 3: (Length :10:00) – Getting out of comfort zones; Tapping into a frequency or vibe.

Angela’s finer points:

“For singing … let me start with SHIFT because that’s the first thing that’s kind of coming to my mind. It happened so naturally. For example, when the stylist called me, I’m very aware that those little signs, if you will, I pay close attention to them because if you do that enough, the more often they come and the more things will just set you up and flow.”

“SHIFT happened so gracefully like that. It meant that I had to be willing to follow that versus follow all these sort of comfort zone dos and don’ts and familiarity. This was new. This was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. What’s happening?’ It just guided me right there.”

When we had our first transformation, it was so beautiful to see and be an instrument in somebody's seeing themselves in their highest light, that it was like a life worth living.

“We get caught up in ourselves a lot. We’re the center of our worlds on a consistent basis. Sometimes you take your energy out and you use that energy to sort of give and expand others.”

“There is some magic in that and it inevitably expands you. As their journey went on, I was resonating with their journey.”

“It was the realization in that moment, there’s something I had to offer, there’s something I had to give, just outside of myself. I think everything eventually points to that place. You gathered your experience, all your knowledge, and now you’re here giving back. There’s something magical about that. I don’t know if you agree.”

“It takes me out of my head and I started thinking, ‘What does the universe want from me?’ It shifted something, because as we go on our journey, we’re going to be in a different frequency midway than we were when we started. That midway frequency is going to have new ideas, new thoughts, new dreams, new goals. If we’re stuck on the same goal, exactly how we thought of it when we first began on our journey inside of that frequency, we’re going to have a lot of roadblocks.”

“For me, it’s staying open. What does it look like for me? I do see SHIFT expanding. I do see it in some way being able to reach the masses and basically convey a message that it’s okay to be curious about what my life would be like if I actually was doing what I loved.”

“Just be curious about it for a second. You don’t have to stop and go, ‘Oh, wait, but I’ve got a family, I’ve got bills.’ Just sit there for a second and go, ‘What would it be like?’ and let the world just move things and allow you to start thinking of new ideas. It just takes one little step, one little tweak sometimes, to change your whole world.”

“Segment 4: (Length :03:00) – Hustler Thought of the Day:

You get there by realizing you are already there. – Eckhart Tolle



Angela Ferrari – Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of SHIFT, National Recording Artist

  • Angela Ferrari resides in Scottsdale, AZ and is the founder and co-owner of “Shift” – a company based around internal and external transformation.
  • Ferrari is also living her life-long dream as a national recording artist. From a small town in New Mexico, Ferrari has been an “outside the box” thinker for as long as she can remember.
  • Labeled as a black sheep while growing up, and going through many heartaches due to nonconformity, she eventually used this journey to her advantage.
  • “When I was young, I was known as a rebel. It was my way of fighting against conformity. Hating rules worked for me and against me. The benefit was that I held on to my dreams. The disadvantage was that everything felt like a fight and struggle. Eventually, the suffering led me to some grace and wisdom. I realized I didn’t have to fight against things I didn’t want. My energy was better used focusing on the things I did want.”
  • Angela Ferrari is now a stand for people doing what they love. She uses the platform of singing and her company “Shift” to convey her message.


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